Property Management Solutions

Bebold Properties is a must for the astute investor that demands effective results without compromise.

Bebold provides a niche in the Investment market by being an independently owned boutique business and as such we are able to deliver a complete professional and sophisticated personal service.

Bebold does not operate a traditional shop front, using a mix of new technology and traditional strategies we are able to achieve maximum exposure everyday, everywhere.  Our business is to the client being either the owner or the tenant.

We don’t believe in plush, expensive offices with wall to wall secretaries. As such, from working smarter we are able to pass on these savings to our clients. We are passionate about ethics & service.

When it comes to the ongoing management of your investment property, you expect to be able to trust your managing agent to achieve maximum results.  It is with our proven track record and consistent results that makes Bebold the best choice of agent.

We appreciate the level of trust that accompanies the management of an investment property, you have our assurance that our daily process and consistent management style and our “to the point communication” will have you feeling at ease that you have made the right choice with Bebold.

Ours truly is a business whose future depends upon the satisfaction of our customers and you can be rest assured that we will strive to provide you with the most efficient, professional and superior solutions, along with the highest quality attention to detail for you and your investment. Our commitment to you is guaranteed personally.

For many people a residential investment property is the most substantial investment that they will make, so it stands to reason that this asset should be well managed and strictly maintained to allow them to receive a strong income stream while enhancing their prospects of capital growth.

Good property management is a bi-product of good communication.

“We dare to be measured by the results that we produce for our clients.”